Criminal Defence Specialists Solicitor in Monmouthshire

Criminal Defence Specialists Solicitor in Monmouth

Criminal Defence Specialists

Twomlows has been established for over thirty years, and throughout that time has provided specialist help to innumerable clients dragged into the criminal justice system, from the most serious allegations to motoring.

We are the only firm between Newport and Cheltenham with the Crime Specialist Quality Mark (SQM), the only one able to offer legal advice in police stations without any cost to you and the only one able to obtain legal aid to represent in Court in appropriate cases.

Twomlows boasts a very experienced team of criminal lawyers, including two Higher Rights (Crime) advocates, two qualified and accredited Duty Solicitors plus experienced and dedicated support staff. We believe we have the most experienced crime team available in South East Wales, and can offer appointments in Chepstow, Caldicot or Monmouth.

Whatever your brush with the system we will have the right person to advise and help you, be that in a police station, Magistrates’ Court, Crown Court and even what are sometimes thought of as simple motoring cases. The criminal justice system is so much easier to cope with when you understand what is going to happen.